Business Box

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Looking for a efficient tool to manage digital marketing tasks ?

Business Box is a tool for intergrated digital marketing management.

Manage all your digital marketing tasks

With Business Box you will manage Social Media presence, access to full activities reports, schedule posts, launch promotion campaigns, using integrated Facebook applications.

SEO assessment is a built-in feature, that will help you get most of SEO best practices, keeping your content attractive for visitors and for web crawlers too :)

Engage visitors and convert them to leads. Acquire leads, then nurture them using simple but efficient drip programs.


Integrated communication channels and database.

Seamless comunication on any channel with your visitors, leads and customers. Use Facebook, web, email, push notifications or SMS whichever is apropriate, to send and receive your messages.

Forget about data islands ! Using multiple tools for different tasks it will get your data slashed in multiple silos, vendor dependent databases. Integrating data silos it may be possible, but it will not be as easy as it is advertised :). Keep all your data in one place.


Business Box features preview

Integrate transactional email, workflows and drip programs
Full access to private insights for your Facebook Pages
Watch page content, engagement and top advocates for your Facebook Page
Insights on Facebook Page fans
Search and monitor public Facebook Pages
Get instant preview of Facebook Pages, including fan base clusters
Create custom conversion funnels, account for Real Life events too :)
Have a full contact information and all interactions
Create dynamic contact list for your communication
Easy define workflows to handle comunications
Setup custom workflow access and notifications

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